In that great Kiwi tradition of supporting with meals, Care Meals is a service where we will send meals to others, for you.  It’s perfect when your friend or family member is in another town or city, and you can’t pop round yourself, with something tasty for dinner.    

Every person (or family) is different, so we don’t lock you into a specific menu.  Some people want soup – others want full meals for the whole family.  Simply email us with details of what kind of meal you’d like, and we’ll come back with some options and prices.  Our Care Meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen by great cooks using fresh ingredients.  For recipients within a day’s courier range, we’ll deliver meals fresh, chilled and ready to go. For meals going further afield, we’ll freeze them to ensure they arrive in good condition.

For those who dislike cooking, are recovering after surgery, or the newly bereaved – Care Meals can be just the right thing to do.

Email us at or call 07 578 1965.